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In addition to the Professional OCSC team, we now have an Academy team that will field players through our Youth Soccer Network. OCSC develops affiliations with youth soccer organizations of all types and has non-exclusive affiliations to help enhance the entire soccer community.

Youth Soccer Network benefits:

• Player Development
• Coaching education and resources
• Club/Organization marketing benefits
• Discounts on OCSC Merchandise
• Dedicated Club Night with fan experiences
• Access to camps, clinics, and tournaments 
• Opportunities with Glasgow Rangers FC

Partnership With Your Pro Club

All organizations within the OCSC Youth Soccer Network are considered affiliates. The following applies to all levels of partnership with OCSC:

All Affiliates Will Receive:

• Logo on OCSC website
• Banner sign at OCSC Home Games
• Coaches meeting with OCSC technical staff and intro to The OC Way (style of play)
• 1 Clinic at your field with OCSC & Rangers Coaches
• 1 Club Night at OCSC game
• 10% off OCSC Merchandise
• Ability to recommend top players for tryouts and trials with OCSC Academy

All Affiliates Will Be Asked To:

• Place OCSC logo and links on website
• 1 email to club families and 1 social media post
announcing partnership details
• Additional 3 emails and social posts per year for OCSC upcoming events and offers
• 1 Club Night with OCSC ticket fundraiser 
• 4 OCSC Season Tickets encouraged




For more information on the types of affiliations we provide, please email VP of Sales, Ray Ferrari at [email protected]